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Written By Dipanshu Garg on Friday, 12 April 2013 | 01:41

Google After Death : Decide What Happens To Your Digital Data After You Die.

"What should happen to your photos, emails and documents when you stop using your account?" Google said in a message at an account settings page.

"You might want your data to be shared with a trusted friend or family member, or, you might want your account to be deleted entirely," the message continued.

"Whatever the reason, we give you the option of deciding what happens to your data."

Google’s brand new feature Inactive Account Manager gives you control over your digital afterlife.

In this short tutorial I will show you How to set up Google's Inactive Account Manager. Please follow given below instructions step by step:

Step 1> Just Go to your Accounts page. You'll find a link to it under the Account Management section. See image below for better understanding:

Step 2> Click On "Learn more and go to setup".

Step 3> Now, Click the blue Setup button. On the setup page, you'll see 4 sections:

Alert Me
In the "Alert me" section, you have to provide a mobile phone number to which Google will send a alerting message 1 month before any actions will be performed on your account. You can also give an alternate e-mail id.

Timeout Period

With "Timeout period," feature you can set a timeout period for your Google account. They will warn you one month before this period expires. You can set this for three, six, nine, or one year.

Notify Contacts and Share Data

In "Notify Contacts and Share Data" field you can figure up to 10 trusted contacts, such as close friends and family members, who should be notified that your account has remained inactive for the specified period of time. Another thing that for each contact, once your account has timed out, your trusted contact can download your data for 3 months, or you can check the box for "Share my data with this contact" and choose which Google products you'd like to share data from.

To protect your information from unauthorized access, trusted contacts will need a verification code to access your data. Trusted contacts will receive a verification code after your account becomes inactive.

Optionally Delete Account
If you don't want to share anything with others, you'd rather just delete everything, you can decide this at the 4th and last section, "Optionally delete account." Simply, Click the toggle switch to On next to "Delete my account." Finally, click the blue Enable button to complete the setup process. It's all done.

Hey Friends, this was the new feature of GOOGLE, Hope you like this, if you like this, please comment below... So, i wish you live long....
Enjoy Dear Readers...

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